Pest Control Methods

The desire to get healthy crops is the core to regulating pests because they interfere with human activities adversely. This writes up aims at identifying various pest control methods.

Biological pest control at involves controlling the menace of pests by introducing other living organisms to outdo their population though parasitism (an organism depending on another organism for nutrients), predatory and herbivory mechanisms. The natural enemies are bred in the laboratory then later released into the environment which is infested by pests such as insects. Another approach is by increasing natural enemies that occur in a particular area by introducing more in clusters or releasing them all at once after which they will grow in population through breeding and survival to provide a control method for pests on a long-term basis. An example of pests controllable by this technique is mosquitoes through use of some Bacillus species.

Mechanical pest control Tampa method involves the use of techniques and equipment that create a barricade between insects and plants. Digging trenches and use of protective nets around crops work efficiently in controlling crawling and flying insects respectively. Crop rotation can also be applied in controlling pests because they get deprived of the plants they use as their hosts for survival.

Chemical pest control method uses pesticides to control pest infestation on plants. For efficient functioning of pesticides, the specificity that is using the right pesticide formulation for a specific type of pests must be considered. Observe the correct timing of applying the pesticide and the proper method of application to attain good results. While using pesticides, minimize killing the natural enemies of pests since they help in reducing the pests' chances of survival substantially. Moreover, you should discontinue use of a specific pesticide if the pests show resistance and instead, improve to a better formulation of pesticides because they are likely to pass on the resistant strain to their offspring and make their control difficult. Pesticides should be used in controlled amounts to prevent residues on food as it may result in food poisoning. To get some facts pest control, visit

Physical pest control method involves trapping and killing pests especially insects and some rodents such as mice. Sticky traps or pheromones are used for flying insects, and charged grids may be attached to such traps to kill the insects instantly. Rodents including rats and mice can be trapped using baited traps and poisoned baits.

While controlling pests, always opt for long-term measures to prevent their recurrence and the method you choose to use should take into consideration the type of pest involved.